Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks, and Artificial Intelligence

The working group involves with general tasks and questions that occur in the domain of fuzzy systems, neural networks and artificial intelligence. There’s a specific emphasis on the connection to Operations Research.

The aim of the working group is to enhance the flow of information and facilitate an intensive exchange of experiences among engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, economists, and all professionals and practitioners working in the field. Topics include, among others: decision-supporting fuzzy systems, neural networks, expert systems, neuro-fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms, validation of neural networks or expert systems, and applications of fuzzy systems and neural networks. We are especially interested in applications and development of new technologies in machine learning and the latest developments in the realm of neural networks.

Our working group meetings take place on average once per year and can have different formats: smaller and larger, with a preference for the smaller, informal types of meetings that allow for true exchanges and connections. The last working group meeting took place in April 2024 in Brunswick.

The next working group meetings are tentatively the following, with details to follow:

  • October 2024 in Paris
  • April 2025 in Hanover (in co-operation with the working group Financial Management and Investments)

Please inquire with Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim for further details.

Working Group

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim
184 Boulevard Saint Germain
F-75006 Paris
Tel.: +33 1 53 63 36 00
E-Mail: hj.von-mettenheim@ipag.fr

Deputy Head:
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Rommelfanger
Niebergallweg 16
D-65824 Schwalbach am Taunus
Tel: +49 6196 83597
Email: rommelfanger@wiwi.uni-frankfurt.de